During 20 years career in Fashion Photography, Labro worked for most of the famous fashion labels and prestigious magazines, including: Chacharel, Kanzai, Zoom,Vogue, Chanel,Elle,Diesel. L’Oreal. Sanyo, Kenzo,Muegler, Gaultier, Levi’s, Bally La Perla, Montana, Marie-Claire …. etc… etc…




Fashion Photography


He starts his professional career as set decorator for Paloma Picasso [designed sets for playwright and director Rafael Lopez-Cambil (also known as Rafael Lopez-Sanchez), whom she later married. In 1980 Picasso began designing jewelry for Tiffany & Co. of New York] and works for renowned French directors such as Roger Planchon and Patrice Chéreau. Attracted subsequently by photography, he establishes his name working for designers such as Yamamoto Kansai, Kenzo, Jean-Paul Gaultier and many big names while taking pictures for all major fashion magazines by ways of Paris, London, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong-Kong and Sydney.

Labro is though more interested in pure artistic expression than in his bread and butter fashion photography and continues exhibiting and creating art works between his busy schedule. Photography is his main medium during his 20 years of photographic career but he creates art photographyin unconventional ways.