Salsamia by Labro

Salsamia by Artist Labro

Summer Collection 2014

You are cordially invited to enter the Experimental Labro Artorium for Metaphysical Matters and Antimatters of Rafael Labro in a fusion of 3 light frequencies. (See Collection from the Shelters)

SALSAMIA accentuates through Labro’s keen eye the profound relationship between mankind, the earth and the universe that surrounds and watches over us represented by the ever serene, ever wise series of dreams become reality. ~ Sophie Dali 2014

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Lamina by Labro

In “LAMINA” we see the continuation of Labro‘s stunning vision and revelation of Universal Astral Synchronicity transformed into a visual rebirth of the present which heralds the promise of a reawakened enlightened future.

Labro’s vibrant, abstract style creates a visually mesmerizing experience that inspires the mind and reaches deep within the emotion of the viewer.


Celestinia and Orphir by Labro
Critias by Labro
Dissipation by Labro
Lona Misa by Labro
Luminous Ephir by Labro
Myra by Labro

Here Labro beckons to us. Daring us to step past the thin film that separates us from the reality of  LAMINA. That place where the Goddesses created everything, seen and unseen as told by the indigenous tribes from which we all sprung.

These are the tales of our beginnings. Long lost to us consciously, they are here waiting to be reintroduced by Labro. Taking us not only to the origin of everything, but flinging us deep into the universe and beyond.

Celebrating the eternity that is perennially the now. Here he takes us and leads us in to experience the universal truths. In each of Rafael’s stunning pieces there is embedded the forthright yet elusive to mankind’s mind, the mysterious Eye of The Creation.

Using the human flesh as his canvas. Using ancient symbols and images, Labro touches the primal force of nature., we are given not only a visual piece to admire, but are taken on a journey that touches our subconscious and stirs the collective memory that takes us to the dawn of existence.

A perfect harmonic convergence of knowledge and understanding.


© Sophie Dali 2013

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Labro Master of the Future


5th January 2013
Radisson Blu Golden Bay, Malta

biennale 2013Special Acclaim Award Malta International [105 countries] Art Biennale 2013

The jury of the Malta International [105 countries] Art Biennale 2013 was really impressed with the range of distinctive paintings incorporating visions of the world. Artists from 105 countries took part in the Malta International Art Biennale 2013.

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Enter the visionary world of Rafael Labro in a fusion of 3 light waves.

Saturday 7th July 2012 from 7:00 PM to the Vernissage of “DIVINIA” at the WAR SHELTERS of the Cittadella.

And officially opening the 2nd GOZO International Contemporary Arts Festival

Heralding his new exhibition “Divinia“, we are welcomed by the Goddess who embodies the prismatic hues that blend to show the beauty and wisdom that she embodies.
Looking deep into her sun embued eyes, you will be drawn to the knowledge of the universe. Listen to the willowy whisper that escapes her moon shaded mouth.

Hear the song that has never been heard by man before.
Journey into the waves of eternal life. Breathe the air of creation.
Enter the vast frontier of Rafael Labro’s Divina.
© Sophie Dali 2012

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Lumina Del Futuro

The latest painting exhibition from neo-psychedelic expressionist Raphael Labro.

LUMINA Del Futuro

Within all the works showcased in this collection Labro has brought not only visions of beauty, but also the promise of our dawning future. Surreal, vibrant, captivating and complex, the viewer is given an experience that goes far beyond the norm. We are given images that reawaken us, recall within our long sleeping minds the path we once strayed from and the urgency that we make our way back. The answers are there, it is up to us to open our eyes, hearts and minds to receive them. Raphael Labro, with his unlimited talent and mind, has made the possibility to do so a beautiful, enlightening journey.

Proudly sponsored by Absolut and Pebeo.

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Digital Expressionism

Venus de Labro

The first digital photographer in the world, in 1989 he was approached by AGFA to play with the first scanner and digital printing system from 1989 to 1996.

Here Labro’s collection of the Limited Edition of 25 exemplars, 60 cm x 80 cm signed and numbered from 1 to 25.

LABRO Pioneer of the Digital Photography,

Creator of the Digital Expressionism


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Born in 1956 in France, Rafael Labro was exposed at an early age to modern painters such as Picasso, Matisse and Chagall. At the young age of 16, he is admitted at the Fine Art School of Nice and have his first solo exhibition “Photographisme” in 1973 with artworks created on photographic paper.

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Labro Writer


labro andromeda

Altogether in Peace, we coincide within a galactic homo sapiens societies’ network. And within a few billion years, over a million cosmic races travel freely in space.

The Creation is universal and eternal.

Every form of life harmonizes to the Creation and makes a part of it.

The Creation never gives commands.

Nobody occurred on Earth by Order of the Creation.

Rafael Labro © 1993 Lamma Island

Labro in Lamma Island 1993

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